Why Live Where?   Choose Here !
Place Appeal targets Lifestyle.

Invest in your home. Work & dream with The Best.   Excellent Lifestyle is Wealth.
Places compete globally to cultivate investment, generate tourism, attract mobile experts & develop creative talent.
Less-competitive local economies suffer decay, hollowing-out, collapsing property values & simply watch people migrate away.
Others succeed majestically.   With our Place Appeal team you'll relax & prosper.

Place Appeal.   Branding your way to Prosperity & Better Lifestyle.

We specialize in global-links between Asia and elsewhere. We launch local brands and help you co-brand & rebrand. Together we can trigger huge quantifiable economic benefits, at minor cost (benefit aim = 100 times cost). We'll help your positioning & local-focused education, and manage your outreach, or simply help you build marketing platforms or procure key internet domains.
We build your foundations for continuing success.   Place Appeal


Dr. Bruce Henry Lambert : Managing Director












Web branding is essential to future success. Your multiple domain addresses will easily pump visitors to a single website. Open your site to more visitors from all directions.
  for example: (links)   bn.com   =   barnesandnoble.com   =   books.com
Same destination! But every great Domain offers a Moment to Romance Clients
I'll get you the best .com (dot com) addresses!
We'll travel to build strategies and help launch your local project. Delay is foolish & costly. Don't watch jobs dry-up and property values tumble. Get professional help. In the ongoing worldwide competition among regions, thousands of local projects are already actively strengthening Place Appeal
Click here for bad examples not our work; (most were costly... many collapsed from neglect)