Place Appeal targets strength. ...while aggressive marketers vainly cry Choose Here! ...
We each now choose where to live, work, invest & dream.
Enjoy Greater Wealth & Excellent Lifestyle. Select the Best!

Local regions already compete globally -- localities must cultivate investment, generate tourism, attract mobile experts, and develop creative talent. Don't tolerate collapsing property values & simply watch people migrate away. Less-competitive local economies suffer hollowing-out & decay, as others succeed majestically. Our place branding team helps you excel, relax & prosper.

Place Appeal.   Path to Prosperity, Economic Catalyst & Better Lifestyle.

We specialize in global-links between Asia and elsewhere. We launch local brands or help you rebrand. Together we can trigger huge quantifiable economic benefits, at minor cost (benefit aim = 100 times cost). We'll help your positioning & local-focused education, and manage your outreach, or simply help you build marketing platforms or procure key internet domains.

We build foundations for continuing success.   Place Appeal


Dr. Bruce Henry Lambert : Managing Director




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Web branding is essential to future success. Multiple domain addresses easily pump visitors to a single website. Don't only accept one tiny window to the world ! Open your site to more visitors from all directions.
  for example:   =   =

We get you the best .com (dot com) addresses!
We'll travel to your region to build strategies and help launch your revival project. Delay is foolish & costly. Don't watch jobs dry-up and property values tumble. Get professional help. There's an ongoing competition worldwide among regions -- If you're not competing, you're losing -- thousands of local projects are already actively strengthening Place Appeal.
Click here to see some examples (not our work; many of these were costly but poor...)